About Us

Looking to learn kiteboarding? Myrtle Beach Kiteboarding School is the perfect choice for you! Our school is located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, right at the center of the beautiful Grand Strand, offering a continuous stretch of beach for you to learn and practice.

The warm waist-deep waters of Myrtle Beach make it an ideal location to learn and master kiteboarding. With consistent and constant breeze, including thermal winds in the afternoons, you’ll get the best conditions to learn kiteboarding.

At Myrtle Beach Kiteboarding School, we’re committed to providing the best teaching and safety standards. Our instructors are student-oriented, and our progress-driven approach ensures that you’ll be where you need to be by the end of your lesson.

So, come and experience kiteboarding at Myrtle Beach, a great spot with fun and energetic instruction. Book your lesson today and let’s start kiteboarding!