Kite Control

Looking to get started with kiteboarding? Our Kite Control lesson is the perfect introduction to this exciting sport. During this lesson, you’ll learn essential skills, including how to determine wind direction, safe wind directions for kiteboarding, and reading weather and water conditions, including understanding the danger of lightning.

Our experienced instructors will also teach you about the “wind window,” how to locate it, and how to use it to your advantage. You’ll also learn kite ethics and the terminology used in kiteboarding, such as thermal wind, kite loop, finger, strut, and leading edge.

To ensure your safety, we’ll provide you with a kite formula to remember: wind speed x weather conditions + wind direction = safety!

During the lesson, you’ll fly a 3-meter trainer (foil) kite, where you’ll practice flying and hitting specific spots to understand the power zone and break down the wind window. You’ll also work on power dives and other kite flying techniques to help you master the sport.

Join us at Myrtle Beach Kiteboarding and experience the thrill of this fantastic sport. Book your lesson now and get ready to soar!