This lesson is the intro to water starting with the board leading into riding, and where the fun of kiteboarding really begins! You will learn the skills, safety and theory behind the water start in a controlled environment.

Our Water Start kiteboarding lessons cover the following:

  • You will learn how to determine what direction the wind is coming from. (ON SHORE-OFF SHORE…..)
  • You will learn what the safe winds directions are to kite in.
  • Kite setup on your own, followed by instructor checking for any mistakes.
  • Kite set-up
  • Controlled downwind, direction, upwind and balance bodydragging
  • Introduction to boardstarts theory
  • Boardstarts in the water
  • Continuous riding with constant power delivery from the kite
  • Edging the board and controlling the speed
  • Upwind riding
  • Demonstration of deep water self-rescue

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